• Testimonial for Hidden Values by Deborah Jacobs-Say"I picked up the Kids’ Directory and decided to advertise my home-based business. However, prior to print the previous owner informed me she was no longer printing the directory due to a move. I then took advantage of the opportunity to purchase the Hampton Roads Kids' Directory. This decision was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The Kids’ Directory has blessed me with the opportunity to work from home; this allows me to be with my four children while earning a more lucrative income then I could have ever dreamed of while teaching. Through feedback from both readers and advertisers, the Kids’ Directory is a great tool for connecting parents and businesses. This allows me to take pride in owning a Kids’ Directory knowing that I am publishing a reputable publication that works for my advertisers, my readers and myself.

    I have been with Hidden Values for over 9 years. Hidden Values is an outstanding company to do business with. The investment to own your own publication is minimal in comparison to your potential income. The Kids’ Directory has been a perfect fit for me."

    Deborah Jacobs-Say
    Owner, Kids' Directory
    Hampton Roads, Virginia

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